Join us as we go back to the times of Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Báthory – notoriously known as the Lady of Čachtice – and uncover the truth about her life. Was she rightfully considered the most infamous serial murderer in Slovak and Hungarian history or was she the target of a conspiracy with a rigged trial whose purpose was to rob the countess of here expansive estate in Transylvania?
It is the year 1610 and a secret investigation is underway, having been initiated by Emperor Matthias II and led by the Hungarian palatine and the second most powerful man in the country, Juraj Turzo, who prepared the charges against Elizabeth Báthory and her four accomplices for the torture and murder of at least 650 young women.
Legends about the countess bathing in the blood of virgins in order to stay eternally youthful are beginning to spread. Elizabeth allegedly tormented the girls with burning candles and hot irons, pierced them with needles, doused them with cold water until they froze and cut them with knives while they were still alive.
Witnesses report that the countess has her guards bring her orphans and young women, whom she lures with a promise of working in her service. Instead, however, she locks them away in secret parts of her residence, where she tortures them to death…
But there is no clear evidence of her guilt. Therefore, investigating palatine Juraj Turzo is sending you, disguised as a wandering monk, to Countess Báthory’s Čachtice Castle in the winter of 1610 in order to find and bring back irrefutable evidence, if any exists. You are lucky that the countess has gone out for a ride and will return in 70 minutes… In that brief time, will you succeed in revealing whether Countess Elizabeth Báthory was a sadistic murderer or an innocent victim, and where the boundary lies between truth and myth?
  • 60 % Difficulty
  • 70 minutes
  • 2-4 players
  • 1290 – 1490 CZK